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I am a purist when it comes to chocolate and tequila. I don’t like it altered, generally speaking because in both cases, the alteration can kill the product. I make an exception with Suavecito.” Arent tells Forbes. The product line is part of a survival story of a Mexican farmer who in the most recent economic crash of 2009 saw three agave field laying fallow without a buyer for miles. “he did what anyone would do when life gives us lemons... or in this case blue weber agave, he made tequila! This tequila is soft, smooth, and would appeal to novice tequila drinkers who prefer quality liquors. I think he hit his objective right on the mark here.

Our Roots

Suavecito originates on a highlands agave farm in Jalisco, Mexico that has been successfully owned and operated by Bill Foss for many years


Our Tequila

Suavecito is a distinct product for the discerning, trend setting individual. The juice stands on it’s own for a bold, tantalizing and distinctive flavor that is offered in an undeniably consumer-affordable luxury package.

•The juice has been rated and reviewed by some ofthe most respected personalities in the Spirits and Tequila world. It is an award winning product, acquiring many distinctions throughout the United States.



IF you already love tequila, it's the smoothest you've ever had. if you don't love tequila you're about to.